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Silent Conversations

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Silent Conversations
Paul Ellis (with Steve Roach)
2005 Groove Unlimited (CD) – import

Electronic artist Paul Ellis reaches deeper into his talent for rich, melodic based electronic music for the mind and comes up with a fully matured release of striking pieces. Elegant and sophisticated throughout, the CD covers a wider range of terrain than his previous release. He brings in a few acoustic elements as well, and knows how to blend these with the right touch. Add to this some fine guest performances, including Steve Roach on four tracks. Foundations for two of these tracks were created from live Timeroom improvs with Paul, Steve, Will Merkel and Jeffrey Koepper.
1. The Only Known Photograph of GodMP37:16 
2. TrilliumMP39:42 
3. Peripheral VisionMP35:22 
4. The Wind-Up Synthesizers of the Glass ReichMP37:01 
5. Trance FigureMP38:58 
6. Continental DriftMP310:51 
7. The Dumb Angel's PeriscopeMP36:45 
8. Silent Conversations 11:32 
9. Dialing In The SunMP39:00 

1. with Steve Roach, Jeffrey Koepper; 3. with Steve Roach, Will Merkle; 4. with Otso Pakarinen; 5. with Laurie Guild; 7. with Steve Roach; 8. with Brenda Erikson, Alison O'Connor; 9. with Steve Roach

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