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Sonic Continuum

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Sonic Continuum
Rod Modell, Michael Mantra
1998 Hypnos HYP1811 (CD)

This fine release has been out for a few years, and should be considered essential listening for those who crave that deep-in-the-AM kind of soundscape experience. This mood-altering CD is made of two 35-minute long-form pieces especially effective at low volume listening or while sleeping. At times it has an almost environmental feeling but is never imposing. Michael Mantra is credited with "source material, Tibetan singing bowls, and Mantras." He is best known for releasing Sonic Alter in 1994 on the Silent Records label, and is considered an expert on "brain tuning" and binaural beat technologies, having written articles for such journals as "New Science News". Rod Modell has a long history of music and sound projects that push the edges in many ways. Besides his soundscape creations Rod also performed project assembly, editing and mastering.
1. Vitamin M 35:54 
2. Vitamin K 35:16 

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