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Echo System

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Echo System
Paul Ellis, Craig Padilla
2004 Groove Unlimited GR-099 (CD) – Netherlands import

This collaboration is rooted in the love of classic Euro-German 70's synth music and the desire to keep the fire burning today. Like Paul Ellis's inspired solo work, this doesn't stand in the imitative shadow of great works of the past, but draws inspiration from them. The pieces have a nice live feel and playful quality, with resonate sequences and pulsing melodic forms throughout. It feels good in the ears, and like the best electronic music it lights up the imagination and stimulates the brain in interesting ways.
1. Echo System 16:13 
2. Windy Plains 7:16 
3. Writing on Water 8:07 
4. Shanti 10:30 
5. Shadowlands 7:41 
6. Everybody's Sky 7:58 
7. Death of an ARP 14:13 

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