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Places of Motility

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Places of Motility
Jeff Greinke
1998 Hypnos (CD)

Greinke's follow-up to his ground-breaking first album CITIES IN FOG. "Skates the edge of incomprehensibility... has some of the spaciousness of new age, but it's dark instead of pretty. Maybe we could call it dark age music." (Keyboard)
1. UprisingMP3 
2. Suspended In DarknessMP3 
3. Centuries PassedMP3 
4. Billowing Smoke  
5. Fallacy  
6. Unfamiliar VoicesMP3 
7. A Dank PlaceMP3 
8. PolaritiesMP3 
9. Spoken With AuthorityMP3 
10. Oceanic LiftMP3 
11. DroppedMP3 
12. SwayedMP3 
13. Travelling SecretsMP3 
14. The WellMP3 
15. CirrusMP3 

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