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CD out of stock
Oöphoi, Tau Ceti
2003 Nextera (CD) – Czech Republic import

Deep mystical soundscapes that hover between waking and sleep. There is a potent ancient atmosphere captured here that lingers like smoke from a sacred temple's altar. Rich and shadowed textures from electronic and natural sources build towards a union with the Tibetan bowls of Klaus Wiese. File under pure drifting sacred space soundscape. Imported from the Czech Republic -- limited supply. Oöphoi: synths, loops, flutes, percussion, shells, stones, crystals; Tau Ceti: synths.
1. In the Wake of OuranosMP39:55 
2. Vril-YaMP37:59 
3. OmphalosMP34:00 
4. Aph-LinMP310:07 
5. Rex MundiMP321:36 
6. The Chamber of EternityMP313:40 

6. with Klaus Wiese


CD out of stock
2002 Hypnos HYP2236 (CD)

Oöphoi is the Italian sound artist Gianluigi Gasparetti. Gasparetti was perhaps first and best known for his role as editor of the Italian magazine Deep Listenings (Ascolti Produndi), dedicated to ambient and deep atmospheric music. His inclination towards creating slow motion subterranean soundscapes soon earned him a following in his own right for his work as Oöphoi. His releases were first heard on small Italian labels, and his Hypnos debut ATHLIT was released early in 2002.
1. Drifting Into Blank Space 16:40 
2. An Ever-Changing Horizon 10:30 
3. On Wings of Light 18:05 
4. Lord of the Starfields 28:31 


CD out of stock
2002 Electroshock ELCD 024 (CD)

Oöphoi is an Italian ambient artist who creates ultra deep drone-based pieces that dwell at the edge of consciousness. We have a only a few copies of this hard-to-find release on the Russian Electroshock label. You will find that at lower volumes, the effect these spaces create is truly hypnotic and alien like. Cue this up after DARKEST BEFORE DAWN.
1. Samteno Bardo - Contemplation 16:14 
2. Chikal Bardo - Dissolution 11:38 
3. Chonye Bardo - A Path of Lights 28:54 
4. Sipai Bardo - Crossing the Bridge of Existence / The Eternal Cycle 17:34 


CD out of stock
Nebula (Oöphoi)
2002 Stella Maris SM01 (CD)
Reviewed by Mark Krol and Louisa John-Krol

We have the last copies of this rare CD, which we received directly from Italian drone doctor Oöphoi. This a very deep journey with strong Tibetan overtones. Please read the review. Nebula is a melange of five talents... Klaus Wiese (ex Popol Vuh member): Tibetan singing bowls, steel cello; Mauro Malgrande: shakuhachi flute and production; Lorenzo Pierobon: harmonic chant and electronics; Tau Ceti: synths; Oöphoi: synths, samples, gongs, drones, loops, waves, processing and concept.
1. OM Creation: Breaking the Cosmic Egg 3:12 
2. Let There be Light 6:48 
3. Floating Galaxies 14:45 
4. Time Vessel at the Gates of Forever 14:45 
5. Pulves et Umbra (Dust and Shadows) 14:45 
6. The Sacred Pool of Tepeu and Gucumatz 18:30 
7. The Dawn of Man 9:38 

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