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Symphony of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations

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Symphony of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations
The Complete Hildegard von Bingen Vol. 1

1996 Celestial Harmonies 13127 (CD)

Like the HARMONIC MEETINGS recording, this is another release that Steve draws inspiration from as a transition to silence. A rich atmosphere of medieval mysticism is felt at the heart of this music.

1. Honey and Milk Beneath Her Tongue (Dripping Honeycomb - avus destillans) 7:46 
2. Ursula's Virgins (et ideo puelle) 2:28 
3. The Devil's Suggestion (O You Who Are Illumined - o tu illustrata) 7:09 
4. Place of the Ancient Heart (O You Angels - o vos angeli) 9:02 
5. Zeal of Divinity (studium divinitatis) 0:57 
6. O Fiery Spirit (o ignes spiritus) 7:16 
7. Red River Falling (o rubor sanguinis) 4:02 
8. O Orzchis EcclesiaMP32:12 
9. Living-Light Angels (o glorissimi lux vivens angeli) 6:37 
10. The Clouds Are Grieving (our king is swift-rex noster promptus est) 4:28 
11. The Firstwoman (deus enim in prima muliere) 1:43 
12. From Their Homeland (de patria)MP31:37 
13. But the Devil Mocked (sed diabolus in invidia) 2:27 
14. Song To Ecclesia (nunc gaudeant materna viscera ecclesia)MP33:02 

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