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The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents

Steve Roach, Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader
2020 (CD)

With POV2, Peter Grenader, Steve Roach, and Miles Richmond have ushered a new departure from their first release, returning to their Westcoast minimalist roots while testing a wide pallet of sonic possibilities -- from ethereal timbral pastures to biting, hard hitting fury.

1. The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents 11:24 
2. 1,000 Theos 15:18 
3. Southwestern Businessmans's Association 4:08 
4. Van Dusen Green 8:00 
5. Hattusha 12:10 


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Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader (with Steve Roach)
2019 ZSR 5515 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Exposé Online, Star's End

Miles Richmond and Peter Grenader, along with guest artist Steve Roach, have released their debut project POV. This ambient work engages the listening experience through a multi-timbral sonic adventure drawn from gliss guitar inner-weavings and deeply nuanced modular synth worlds. The feeling throughout the flow presents a dynamic yet serene emotional terrain. Elemental touchstones are early Fripp and Eno, American Minimalism and textural ambient.

1. The Fermi Paradox  
2. Firmament (featuring Steve Roach)  
3. The Ooda Loop  
4. Frame 313  
5. The Ooda Loop Reprise  
6. Point of view (featuring Steve Roach)  

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