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Groupthink appears on these releases:

Of Microcosmic Origins

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Of Microcosmic Origins
2012 Periphery OTP5012 (CD)

Launched in 2011 by i/e and e/i magazine founder, music historian, writer, and sound artist Darren Bergstein, the mandate informing the electronic music label Periphery is that it has no definitive mandate. Housed in burnished silver circular tins, all Periphery issues are limited-edition artworks marrying the ephemeral with the tactile in equal measure, featuring artists who mine the deep seams nestled between electronic music's eclectic styles.

1. Peeking Over the HorizonMP35:53 
2. Region of MirrorsMP314:10 
3. Bullet Train to OsloMP310:02 
4. At the Southernmost Tip of Basking FallsMP312:02 
5. Absolute DoubtMP38:34 

Happy Gods

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Happy Gods
Periphery OTP1212 (CD)

After their successful debut OF MICROCOSMIC ORIGINS, enigmatic electroacoustic duo Groupthink return with their follow-up, a somewhat more "rhythmic" collection of tracks than its predecessor, though still teeming with their signature event horizons and murmuring analogics.

1. Entrance by Silver SunriseMP31:09 
2. Is It Itself?MP37:10 
3. Sleep EssenceMP35:10 
4. The Undulating HourMP34:36 
5. Pause: Looksee IMP30:44 
6. Stimulated Yet StillMP311:43 
7. Vague RealmsMP36:19 
8. InvertebrateMP36:45 
9. Pause: Looksee IIMP31:08 
10. Uncomfortably NumbMP35:02 
11. All Things ElasticMP34:37 
12. Does It Dream?MP36:27 
13. Exit Through the Wondrous HueMP31:40 

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