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Oöphoi, Tau Ceti
2003 Nextera (CD) – Czech Republic import

Deep mystical soundscapes that hover between waking and sleep. There is a potent ancient atmosphere captured here that lingers like smoke from a sacred temple's altar. Rich and shadowed textures from electronic and natural sources build towards a union with the Tibetan bowls of Klaus Wiese. File under pure drifting sacred space soundscape. Imported from the Czech Republic -- limited supply. Oöphoi: synths, loops, flutes, percussion, shells, stones, crystals; Tau Ceti: synths.
1. In the Wake of OuranosMP39:55 
2. Vril-YaMP37:59 
3. OmphalosMP34:00 
4. Aph-LinMP310:07 
5. Rex MundiMP321:36 
6. The Chamber of EternityMP313:40 

6. with Klaus Wiese

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