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Numina appears on these releases:

The Deception of Reality

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The Deception of Reality
2012 Hypnos HYP3262 (CD)

Numina is the recording entity of Denver-based solo synth artist Jesse Sola. He has been creating a steady chain of releases steeped in the textural-deep space side of ambient for quite a while. This release is a standout in his already impressive catalog, and we are happy to offer his music on this release for the first time at steveroach.com

1. The Illusion TransmissionMP317:17 
2. Our Elegant ExperienceMP316:59 
3. In Cerulean HazeMP39:32 
4. Empire of NothingMP319:23 
5. Translunary ReturnMP311:55 

Euphony 2

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Euphony 2
Various Artists
2009 WWUH-FM (CD)
Disc 1: Swirl
1. Slow Dancing Socity: Dream Tonight  
2. Ron Boots: Lingering Twilight  
3. Hans Christian: Golden Rainbow  
4. Falling You: Alchemy  
5. Sankt Otten: Melancholie Fuer Millionen  
6. Alpha Wave Movement: Coastal Movements  
7. Jumpel: Alone in Rome  
8. Steve Roach: Translocation  
9. Dean DeBenedictis: Air Waiting Port  
10. Andreas Akwara: Blue Velvet (alternate track)  
11. Carbonheads: Phasers  
Disc 2: Drift
1. Michael Whalen: Half Light  
2. Soundician: Adrift  
3. Richard Bone: Son of Icarus  
4. Ariel Kalma: Flowing Dreams  
5. Dwight Ashley: Soon  
6. Forrest Fang: Cicadas  
7. Dino Pacifici: It  
8. Numina: Aleph Zero  
9. Serge Devadder: Frozen Flames  
10. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AK-35 Unit/Radio Telescope  
11. Code Tripper: Deserted Cities  

Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient

CD out of stock
Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient
Various Artists
2006 Ultima Thule UTAM001 (CD)

Imported from Australia after three years in the making, the inaugural Ultima Thule CD has finally arrived! Ultima Thule is a popular long-running radio program airing Sydney and Adelaide, dedicated to pure ambient and electronic music. This collection is a 78-minute excursion into the realms of atmospheric ambience from the artists who have been consistently broadcast across the Australian city landscape. CHASING THE DAWN: ULTIMA THULE AMBIENT features a selection of previously-unreleased music by thirteen of the world's most acclaimed ambient composers, among them Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Tim Story, Jeff Greinke and Thom Brennan. Steve's piece was created just for this release, titled after the fantastic land and stone formations in the general area of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia. Steve spent time here during his extended Australia journeys.
1. Tim Story: Otherize 3:21 
2. Matt Borghi: Salila 4:48 
3. Delicate Systems: Drawn From Sleep 6:49 
4. Amongst Myselves: Distant Horizons 7:28 
5. Robert Rich: Qatifan 4:54 
6. Kelly David: Temple of DawnMP37:38 
7. Jeff Greinke: 5000 Falling Souls (Ultima Thule mix) 6:42 
8. Thom Brennan: Falling Water 6:43 
9. Robert Scott Thompson: Ascent 2:34 
10. Jim Cole: The Way Beyond (edit)MP37:50 
11. Dan Barrio: Between States 6:15 
12. Steve Roach: Approaching Kata Tjuta 7:22 
13. Numina: Red Stone, Black Sky 5:39 

To the Sky and Beyond the Stars: A Tribute to Michael Garrison

CD out of stock
To the Sky and Beyond the Stars: A Tribute to Michael Garrison
Various Artists
2004 Quantum Records QCD0466 (CD)

For a limited time we're offering this heartfelt 2-CD tribute to the late American synthesizer artist Michael Garrison. Those who who knew his distinct melodic and sequencer-based style born from the classic European EM of the 70's will recognize the heart and soul these artists put into the tracks which honor his spirit.
Disc 1
1. Redshift: Crystalline 94 6:47 
2. Erik Wøllo: The Flight 5:04 
3. Jonn Serrie: The Star Road 7:06 
4. Axess: The Pilgrim Soul 7:52 
5. Venj@: Astral Waves 4:49 
6. Callisto: Chilled Naiad 5:47 
7. Gert Emmens: The Beginning of a New Day 5:15 
8. Craig Padilla: Parallels 7:18 
9. Paul Lawler: Neon Nights 5:08 
10. Thought Guild: Return to the Sun 5:41 
11. Something Completely Different: Adagio for Michael 8:05 
12. Schönwälder, Keller & Broekhuis: Water Music 2 7:00 
Disc 2
1. Dom F Scab: 12 + 1 6:43 
2. Wave World: Tirzan Sundance 3:47 
3. Numina: Within Worlds 6:50 
4. Rein van den Oever: Bon Voyage 5:03 
5. Sayer: Amaranthine 6:31 
6. Binar: Into the West 5:05 
7. Rudy Adrian: Sisters 6:32 
8. Remy: Fade Away 5:53 
9. Rogue Element: A Different Sky 6:12 
10. Jeffrey Koepper: Godspeed 5:55 
11. Akikaze: The Iceland Error 5:33 
12. Fred Becker: River Reveree 3:32 
13. Stephen Parsick: Impact (2004 Remix) 5:35 
14. Cosmic Hoffmann: Requiem 6:49 

Sanctuary of Dreams

CD out of stock
Sanctuary of Dreams
2004 Hypnos HYP2445 (CD)

Recording under the name Numina, Denver based space-music-ambient artist Jesse Sola has been working steady at crafting his sound-art since the mid 90's. His earlier releases mapped his progression with promise and demonstrated a real talent for original sound design. With SANCTUARY OF DREAMS his penchant for creating serene yet contrasting cloud-like textural landscapes has matured and come into focus on this beautiful release, which is sure to appeal to pure space-music listeners. Featured on the "Music From the Hearts of Space" radio program, where it felt right at home.
1. Awaken Within A Deeper RealmMP39:05 
2. Lost on Silica RidgeMP34:42 
3. Elements of TimeMP35:54 
4. In Loneliness, the Landscape FadesMP36:23 
5. Beneath the Silver SurfaceMP37:08 
6. Thrown Into OblivionMP36:31 
7. Fractured EyesMP35:34 
8. Dream Recognition (Silhouette of the Past)MP35:58 
9. Lucid AscensionMP38:40 
10. The Waking BreathMP312:58 

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