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Woolunda: Ten Solos For Didgeridoo

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Woolunda: Ten Solos For Didgeridoo
David Hudson
1993 Celestial Harmonies 13071 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Hudson's first solo CD, and perhaps the first-ever recording to present the didgeridoo as a solo instrument on CD at the time of its release. Recorded at the Timeroom with Steve treating the didg through the Lexicon Digital Reverb. All pieces were recorded live.
1. JowelbinnaMP34:34 
2. Frog DreamingMP35:07 
3. RooMP33:59 
4. AircaveMP36:33 
5. My PeopleMP37:49 
6. DidgerijigMP33:00 
7. Bama KanbiMP31:59 
8. KadimakaraMP33:58 
9. EarthboundingMP34:00 
10. WoolundaMP36:44 

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