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Jeffrey Koepper (with Steve Roach)
2006 Air Space Records 002 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

MOMENTIUM is Koepper's new solo release after his debut CD ETHEREA. On this one he amps-up the energy with a flow of pieces created around the sequencer as a tool to give the music momentum. Koepper is a long-time proponent of analog and hardware synths, thus allowing his hands-on approach to become essential in shaping the flow as it occurs. The first track alone is worth the price of admission, calling up the ghosts of Tangerine Dream in their glory days. Warm tones and hypnotic patterns intermix into a fine result throughout the entire set. Steve Roach was integral in the final arrangement, mastering and finishing treatments of MOMENTIUM.
1. Byzantine MachineMP36:18 
2. OutsideMP36:45 
3. Godspeed 2MP35:50 
4. Sense of TimeMP311:13 
5. Eternal SeaMP312:11 
6. 2600 A.D.MP33:13 
7. Sequential MeditationMP311:45 
8. AwakeningMP39:40 

2, 6, 7 with Steve Roach

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