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Terra Incognita

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Terra Incognita
Temps Perdu? (with Steve Roach)
1995 Timebase TIME3 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Temps Perdu? are a husband and wife team based in Düsseldorf, Germany with a love for creating ethno-electronic moods. TERRA INCOGNITA was recorded in the mid-90's; the sonic reference points of this period were Suspended Memories, Steve Roach's ethno-tribal period, and the work of Jorge Reyes. While more active in the 90's, this still holds its own with a sound that caught the ears of listeners worldwide.

"An atmospheric travelogue soundtrack documenting the musical emotions of Dirk Grützmann and Catherine Ledit-Grützmann as they visited lands of varying textures and traditions. The overwhelming theme is of hot desert ambience. Steve Roach recorded, produced and mixed "Sonoran Nights", one of the standout tracks amongst standout tracks. Dirk and Catherine also express gratitude to Jorge Reyes. The atmospheres are thick and lush. The desert ambience crosses over into space ambience; this is outer-space desert ambience. This CD is hard to find... and worth every effort. An all-time Top 10 CD!" -- Jim Brenholts
1. Desert Horizon 8:24 
2. Terra Incognita 8:02 
3. Gravitation Trance 7:54 
4. Firewalk 4:44 
5. Beneath the Surface 7:25 
6. Dance of the Insects 7:23 
7. Sonoran Night 8:25 
8. Sundown Sky 6:37 
9. 29 Palms 8:24 

7. with Steve Roach; 7, 9. produced by Steve Roach

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