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Forrest Fang (with Steve Roach)
1994 Cuneiform RUNE68 (CD)
1. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: I. Crossing The River  6:27 
2. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: II. The Dragon King's Advice  4:30 
3. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: III. Falling Stones (Kuan Yin)  4:28 
4. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: IV. An Offering Of Wood  6:03 
5. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: V. The Eight Immortals  9:15 
6. Ehecatl MP31:58 
7. Receiving The Approaching Spirit MP34:24 
8. The Healing Stick Of Cabaeza De Vaca   13:27 
9. Gender Lament MP33:46 
10. A Shaman In Pursuit Of Chabui's Image MP38:09 
11. Departure MP31:50 

8. with Steve Roach, Robert Rich

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