The Timeroom Editions
available exclusively by mail-order

Steve Roach's Timeroom Editions label was created in 1998 primarily for the Internet community. Roach's prolific output has found its place here, where a world-wide audience supports the unique soundworlds flowing directly from Roach's studio in the remote Sonoran Desert. With the Timeroom Editions the personal, straight-from-ground-zero approach strives to present the integrity, independence, and uncompromised values that are the foundation of Roach's work.

Slow Heat The Electric Body Truth & Beauty The Dream Circle Atmospheric Conditions Stormwarning
Vine ~ Bark & Spore Core Pure Flow Darkest Before Dawn All is Now Day Out of Time
Texture Maps Life Sequence Holding the Space: Fever Dreams II Places Beyond: The Lost Pieces 4 New Life Dreaming Possible Planet
The Dreamtime Box Proof Positive Fever Dreams III A Deeper Silence Landmass Afterlight
Immersion Four Live at Grace Cathedral Truth & Beauty Sounds From the Inbetween Box Set Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms Live at SoundQuest Fest
Groove Immersion Soul Tones Ultra Immersion Concert At the Edge of Everything Spiral Meditations The Desert Collection
The Delicate Beyond Invisible The Skeleton Collection 2005 - 2015 Bloodmoon Rising Alive in the Vortex Vortex Immersion Zone
Skeleton - Spiral Passage Live in Tucson: Pinnacle Moments This Place To Be Painting in the Dark Fade to Gray The Passing
Core Traveler Nostalgia for the Future Eclipse Mix Structures From Silence Dreamtime Return
Slow Heat Return to the Dreamtime Electron Birth Atmosphere For Dreaming Stillpoint Nectar Meditation
Timeroom Livestream 8 - 22 - 2020 LiveStream 09 26 2020 The Desert Eternal Into the Majestic Live at SoundQuest Fest 2021

Audio Clips

Steve's MP3 collection draws from the latest releases and past favorites. Look for MP3 links on the Store and Discography pages, as well as direct links to selections from the iTunes Music Store. We also have a collection of archived radio features in RealAudio format.

Photos and Videos

Immersion Station
In a unique collaboration, ambient-music pioneer Steve Roach and software artist Eric Freeman bring you an iPhone/iPod touch app for creating infinite mixes from the heart of Steve's soundworld creations. Use Immersion Station to sculpt your own personal infinite mixes for deep listening, meditation, and supportive sound spaces for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping.

Immersion Station is an elegant interactive sound immersion tool. Create infinite mix combinations from five different loops of varied lengths for endless playback. These sounds have been extracted from the heart of Steve Roach's soundworlds and carefully chosen for a congruent relationship allowing the user to sculpt constantly changing ambient music for deep listening, meditation, a supportive sound space for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping — the uses will reveal themselves. Immersion Station ships with five core loops from Steve's soundworlds. Use these loops to craft, mix and save your own unique sound environments. The high resolution sound quality is especially effective with docking stations and home audio systems.

Learn more at Press release.

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