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Just got back to Las Cruces from your concert sat night... It was unbelievable!!!!... An experience I will never forget... Thank you for the fine performance....


My wife and I were at the concert Saturday night. In fact, it was the last of my Christmas presents. WHAT A PRESENT! That was great. I only wish it was recorded! You had a little of each album in that. It was also great to see Byron Metcalf after listening to him too for years.

Sorry, but we could not stay late. I had to perform at 9am the next morning!



Fantastic show! Incredible! Awesome! It was the best ever ... ok it was the only time I have seen you :-).

I would really like to have this March 5th show on disc, either music or DVD with the graphics. The fractal art sequence during 'Born of Fire' was particulary amazing! Doug the DJ was recording this, it would be great to make it available. The DVD version would be a bit to ask, but the music would be great!

Just so you know ... The subdued clapping at the end was due primarily in part to BEING TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY ...

It will be great to see you again, especially if you do any of the living room shows in Denver/Boulder. Maybe I can set one up if you like to travel.

One final note, I didn't get a chance to talk to you. I was interested in what inspries you and the more technical parts of your music, perhaps the VHS you sell on your site describes how you create it (except your secrets!).

Jake O.

Just wanted to say that the concert was amazing!! I was mystified at how you were able to continue weaving sound worlds for close to 4 hours!! The accompanying video and images were mesmerizing. . The entire night I was playing percussion and rhythms in my head while you were playing - wishing I was up there with you with my udu's, djembe, hoop drum, talking drum, berimbou, etc., etc. I was on another planet. Thank you for an unforgettable evening...I look forward to next time.


Dear Steve,

Thanks for the massive performance in Tucson. Gratitude to You, Byron and the sound & visual crew. Also not to forget your merchandise staff. After more than a decade of listening to finally experience the soundcurrent first hand, with the power and sublime beauty inherent in its aural blessing. It seems to resonate even more in me now in the after glow. I hope to be fortunate to experience more in the future, though if not, I am considerably richer than before. Thank You Again.

Gratefully, Guy N.

The concert was outstanding! You have outdone yourself this time. I hope hope sombody recorded that! I especially liked the selections from "Body Electric". The bass nearly knocked me over and the graphics really added to the experience. I got to meet Byron briefly after the show and all together it was definitely worth the trip.

Also, I took your suggestion and explored the mountains and beyond west of Tucson. I am amazed at how green the desert is this year, it's beautiful when it is in bloom as it is now.

Thanks for sharing your journey. Kudos to everyone involved in the show. It was great!

Ron Z.

I just wanted to say again, thanks for the amazing show. I have a lot more I want to say, but for now I'm still catching my breath from the weekend. I need food and sleep.

Take care.

Steven L.

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome experience and for all the wonderful opportunities you've given me. I met so many interesting people at your show and even got to talk to you a fair bit, despite how busy you were. Thanks for letting me in early, too. I got a great seat and got to meet your entire crew...awesome. And a big thanks for including my artwork among your visuals. VERY exciting to see that! =) Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. Also thanks for letting me climb up on stage and gaze at the set up. I so wanna pick your brain on your whole creative process, but I also don't want to spoil the magic. I'm content to just soak it in, not meddling in the details of how you got there. You continue to inspire me beyond words, my friend. I hope you never stop. Artwork coming soon.


i made the drive from san diego to tucson over the weekend to camp out and see steve roach play a rare live show in his hometown.

his early work such as "empetus" is almost entirely analog, and there are some photos of his early setup here:

no, he didn't have a dual synthi aks setup saturday night, but from what i was able to see he had two racks of doepfer modules, which kicked in around 1.5 hours into the show (it was 3 hours in total) with some wonderful pseudo random sequencing. he also had a matrix 12 *and* and xpander, both of which got lots of attention throughout the night. a korg er-1 did most of the electronic drum sounds, and percussionist byron metcalf took care of the acoustic frame drums, tibetan bowls, etc. there were two other keyboards i couldn't identify, and lots of shakers, rattles, digeridoos, etc.

for those of us who stand amidst a pile of gear and make music, this was an inspiring show. it ranged from bombastic peals of thunder/noise, to electronic squeals, to tribal percussion, to barely-there ambience. personally, i was hoping for more TD-type sequencing, but that's the breaks. for that type of music, his new "life sequence" CD is quite good.

roach is lumped into the "new age" category, which isn't representative of the majority of his output, so don't let that classification scare you.

Blake W. (posted to the Analogue Haven mailing list)

Just returned from Arizona to New York. With the way the concert faded and no clapping to break the mood, I wanted to send a note of appreciation and thanks for the concert several days back. It was really quite extraordinary. Thanks for the opportunity to experience the music live and in that kind of setting. Any possibility of that performance being distributed as a cd in the future? it was great. Hope all is well and thanks again.

Roy M.

Congratulations on a wonderful performance! About halfway to 2/3rds through the concert there wan incredible song that featured an Insect/Dinosaur or Prehistoric Toad kind of sound?? I want that song!! Which CD has that song on it??


[ Steve replies: This will be on the two new CD's in the Dreamtime Box coming this August. ]

I was there.

It's an 8 hour drive one way from Simi Valley, but it was worth it. I've been to about 4 Steve Roach shows so far, and this was the best yet.

It was an older building in a coffee shop district. The room was an open floor theater. Three quarters of the room was covered by sleeping bags, cots, bean bags, cushions, lawn chairs and blankets. Behind that were a few sofas then behind that was the mixer. On either side of the mixer were folding chairs. Right at the door was the table covered with CD's for sale. It was already dark inside with some unreleased Steve Roach music playing. It was in the style of The Dream Circle. The stage was ready to go with incense and candles. Behind the stage was some abstract digital motion graphics. On either side of the stage were large screens playing still images, mostly from Steve's album covers.

As everyone settled and packed in, Linda welcomed everyone to Steve's livingroom. There was hardly any room left to walk. Steve then came out and began what was to be a 3 hour and 45 minute set. Byron Metcalf joined Steve for several pieces. I found it no less than amazing. He covered a few pieces that you would hear on All Is Now, and a few pieces from Byron Metcalf's The Shamon's Heart, but much of it was new to me. I had never heard such power and beauty from him. The surround sound system had the place shaking. I will now describe the new material as a cross between Dreamtime Return and Disc one of Mystic Chords and Sacred Places, because I later found out that these new pieces were the new material for the Dreamtime Return re-release. Wow! Two were didg pieces. The first was beautiful and meloncholy. The second piece was powerful! The piece ended abruptly, with howls from the audience. He had a didg that I had not seen before. It must have been about 9 feet long. I for one cannot wait for the release this fall. If you like the discs I previously mentioned, this new material will unravel your socks.

I believe the digital motion graphics that I was seeing during the show were from a new DVD yet to be released by Steve. There was more depth than other videos of this nature that I have seen. It made me think of the movie Fantastic Voyage. I wonder what music will be on it.

As the show quietly ended, everyone slowly came to life. Steve came down for autographs, pictures and conversations with everyone. To see Steve Roach live is to fully connect with the man and the music. I for one am thankful for the experence. I feel deeply affected by the event.

Steve Lazur ( forum)

Absolutely freaking amazing. I'm at a loss for words. The gig was way beyond anything I expected or could have hoped for. It truly ranked as one the best concert experiences I've witnessed in the 30 some years of attending concerts. It was well worth the flight out. I wish I could have had a few more moments to talk with you, but I could see there were a whole lot of other people who were waiting to talk with you as well. My 16 year old son was just floored by the show and your performance. He was sort of familiar with your music, having been exposed to it through the many times we play you on my station, and by hearing it around the home and in my car, but he was not prepared at all by what he experienced Saturday He sat spell bound the entire gig. I bought him some of your cds and we listened to them all the next day when we drove up to the Grand Canyon. Hopefully by wearing his concert shirt around his high school it will help to expose a whole new audience of kids to the world of ambient music and your music in particular.

John G.

A lasting memory was created for my daughter Mariel and I several days prior, and into Saturday night as we flew from Peoria Illinois to see a foreign and fantastic landscape and be emersed in the Steve Roach soundscape. The two were a perfect compliment.

I've attended hundreds of music events, but this one has to rank at the top. We were both mezmerized for nearly 4 hours. Steve, Byron and Roger were so gracious with their time and we both were able to visit with everyone for a short bit. Mariel was only disappointed that she was not able to talk 'horses' with Linda.

The beginning of On This Planet and "tell me how to get back ..." still gives me goose bumps. I'm looking forward to my next Steve Roach concert and can only hope is has the warmth and friendly comfort of this event.

A big appreciative thanks for all that were involved and the really great people we met there.

James and Mariel

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