Well of Souls Steve Roach Vidna Obmana

There is no way to anticipate the benediction
of that secret arrival.
It's not like falling head first into a well of souls.
We are already surrounded by those waters.

On searing afternoons, when the habits of logic
evaporate in the trances of an unbridled sun,
you can see waves rising from the desert floor,
and you begin to recognize
the things your eyes like to hide.

This is the same secluded brilliance
that pours through deep hours of the night,
illuminating your dreams
with myths of the recent future
and memories submerged long before your birth.

It is white embraced in the blackest of black,
the quiet companion that whispers in silence
and makes the darkness smell of roses,
urging you toward the distant sound of the gathering.

Closer... Closer to the dwelling place...

- Linda Kohanov

When the habits of logic evaporate in
the trances of an unbridled sun,
you begin to recognize the things your
eyes prefer to hide.

From American composer Roach and Belgian prodigy Obmana comes this mesmerizing collaboration, articulating its own secret world, a dimension beyond the limits of classification such as "atmospheric" and "tribal-ambient" often employed to describe these artists. Well of Souls is a double CD set with each disc exploring the nuances of two very different yet interconnected perspectives – a world that simmers with meaning during the day and whispers a whole set of other insights at night. Taken together, these pieces bring to life a multi-faceted, continuously evolving portrait of those things which the eyes like to hide but the heart longs to embrace.

1 In the Presence of Something 9:57   2 In the Realm of Twilight - Outlands One 13:13   3 The Secret Arrival - Outlands Two 14:08   4 The Gathering 24:08

1 Deep Hours 29:24   2 Well of Souls 25:58   3 The Quiet Companion 8:14   4 The Dwelling Place 9:02

The Gathering 
Well of Souls 

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