Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes, both considered pioneers in neo-shamanic, ethno-tribal ambient music, will release their first duo CD after nearly four years in the making. VINE, BARK & SPORE captures a pure, organic sound that is rich with the potent magical atmosphere that has become central to their music. The remote and mysterious locations deep in Mexico’s historic landscape, as well as the hallucinogenic terrain of the Sonoran desert in Southern Arizona, provide the ground where this music takes place. The musical elixir was created from a surreal blending of acoustic and electronic instruments, along with voice and location recordings. With strong shamanic undercurrents, it creates an opening to step through time and again. VINE, BARK & SPORE offers music as medicine for the soul. The music of Roach and Reyes acts as a transmitter of the attitudes that ancient cultures had towards music and the spiritual aspects of life, while merging with the currents of today.

Jorge Reyes, Steve Roach

Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes have recorded numerous recordings as solo and group artists including two acclaimed releases under the name Suspended Memories with Madrid-based guitarist Suso Saiz. Their 1994 release EARTH ISLAND won the Indie Award by AFIM for the Electronic Instrumental - Ambient category, an award equal to the Grammy in the independent music world. Both artists perform consistently in festivals and unique concert settings worldwide, such as the Jameos Del Agua, a theater in a volcanic cave on the Island of Lanzarote where Steve and Jorge first met in 1991. Their mutual intentions were soon realized when they were invited to play a spontaneous concert after having just met a few hours before. This set the tone for an ongoing musical relationship that has always been about capturing an on-the-edge feeling of pure emotion delivered with ceremonial intensity, mixing improvisation and compositional forms with a compelling list of instruments ranging from the Pre-Hispanic roots of Jorge in Mexico, and Steve’s constant innovations with electronic and acoustic instruments. Together they create a music that goes beyond any current category, and have found an audience worldwide that understands its timeless allure.

Mexican composer Jorge Reyes was born in Michoacán state in the west of Mexico. He studied at the National Music School in Mexico City. During the 1970's he studied music and philosophy in Germany and India, and upon his return to Mexico began drawing together the disparate threads to formulate his unique musical/philosophical fabric.

He frequently performs live, referring to his concerts as "ritual ceremonies" which are meant to be spiritual experiences for the audience. These involve pre-Columbian instruments, voice (in chant or incantation), guitar, percussion, electronic keyboards and more, all framed against a backdrop of votive candles, flowers, copal, offerings and ritual painting. Pre-Hispanic instruments are the foundation of his music, representing the different cultures that make up modern Mexico: Aztec, Maya, Toltec, Mixtec, Olmec and Teotihuacán. In Mexico a number of his concerts have become tradition: he celebrates the Day of the Dead every year. He has released over 18 CDs and has performed throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Mexico.

Reyes travels to native communities, collects instruments, stories and songs, then blends them into his personal vision. His musical innovations have led to some fascinating collaborations. He has worked steadily with his native Mexicans, such as the huicholes, and the famous healer María Sabina, who has been featured on several albums, including COMALA, performing a number of healing rites. Jorge's music was recently featured in the film "The Other Conquest", an epic tale of the 16th Spanish century invasion of Aztec Mexico.


1. Clearing Place
2. Sorcerer's Temple
3. The Holy Dirt
4. Night Journey
5. Spore and Bark
6. Healing Temple
7. Gone from Here

California-born, Arizona-based artist Steve Roach has mapped out a vast world of sound over the past 20 years. Self taught and highly prolific, Roach's passion for tapping into a primordial sonic landscape creates music that connects with an ancient source of truth in this ever-changing world. Roach has earned his position in the international pantheon of new music artists over the last two decades through his ceaseless productivity, constant innovation, open-minded collaborations with numerous artists worldwide and the psychological depth of his music. Recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovators of contemporary electronic music, he has released nearly 40 albums since 1981. The cinematic nature of Steve's music has led to is use in numerous film soundtracks including Michael Mann's "Heat" and many PBS productions.

Roach's music, described by critic Dwight Loop as "tribal-ambient music for the global village," blends the visceral sounds he designs on synthesizers and samplers with the primordial rhythms of ethnic percussion and other exotic instruments, including the Australian didgeridoo. He studied these traditional techniques and made his own instrument with aboriginal didgeridoo master David Hudson during two extended trips to the continent in the late 1980's. Roach went on to produce several didgeridoo works. WOOLUNDA (Celestial Harmonies 1993), the first compact disc recording of solo didgeridoo music, was important in helping to introduce the instrument to an audience world-wide.

In 1990, the California native moved to the Sonoran desert just outside Tucson, Arizona, to be closer to this long-standing source of inspiration. Like the stark, red-rock landscapes of Australia, the American Southwest has long provided Roach with the experiential and psychological richness that imbues his work with the power and serenity of nature, rather than the confining musical standards of popular culture. As one of the few electronic-based artists performing live consistently for over 20 years, Roach's engagements have taken him from concert halls in the United States, Canada, and Europe, to lava caves in the Canary Islands, Medieval villages in Italy and volcanic craters in Mexico. These exotic settings have helped him further shape his style, a sonic vision that thrives in a sphere of ritualistic intensity beyond categories, national boundaries, cultural barriers, and quite often, time itself.


VINE, BARK & SPORE is the fifth CD release on Steve Roach’s Timeroom Editions label, created primarily for the web / Internet retail paradigm. Roach’s prolific output and selected productions has found its place in this context where the world-wide fan base supports the constant flow of the unique soundworlds produced in Roach’s Tucson Studio. Increasing web site awareness and Internet relations are rapidly liberating the empowered artists of today. With the Timeroom Editions, the personal, straight-from-ground-zero approach to presenting the music strives to maintain the integrity and uncompromised values that have been strip-mined out of the current musical landscape by the traditional music industry.

The Timeroom Editions

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