D R E A M T I M E   R E T U R N
S T E V E   R O A C H


The 1988 release of DREAMTIME RETURN was a ground-breaking sound document. Ten years later, DREAMTIME RETURN has firmly proved to be a classic recording, according to the countless testimonies of fans, radio programmers and reviewers worldwide. In honor of the global acceptance of Steve's "personal statement" and the 10th anniversary of this "new" classic, Celestial Harmonies reissues this recording (CD only -- same music, redesigned packaging) in appreciation of the ageless audience that has, and continues to, recognize the transcendental value of this music. A music which touches our very core, powerfully blending the ancient, tribal and otherworldly elements with the contemporary.

Roach has spent a great deal of time deep in Australia's outback exploring and absorbing the beauty of numerous sacred and secular sites where Aborigines had painted stories of The Dreamtime for thousands of years. It was these explorations through the Aborigine myth of The Dreamtime, their highly complex story of creation, that inspired this recording.

Inspired by Roach's explorations, this recording took on a new significance when he teamed up with photographer David Stahl, who invited him to collaborate on a film project about the Aboriginal art of The Dreamtime.

DREAMTIME RETURN captures the intense, creative passion that is at the heart of The Dreamtime, blending Roach's distinct musical styles -- meditative / contemplative and high-energy -- for an unforgettable 127 minutes of powerful musical images of the mystical dawn of life.

Towards the dream...

"This recording is a documentation of my Dreamtime travels over the past three years, beginning in Southern California and continuing to Northern Australia. The time was filled with incredible synchronicity. Most significant was the meeting with David Stahl, a Florida-based writer / photographer who heard my third album, STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE, on the radio while driving through the desert to Mexico.

"I was well into composing for DREAMTIME RETURN when David Stahl wrote to me about his documentary project, "Art of the Dreamtime." David had been planning this film on the Aboriginal rock paintings at the same time as I was working on my DREAMTIME RETURN album. We soon spoke with fervor about our projects that seemed destined to combine. My longtime compelling connection to Australia was becoming more tangible.

"It was several months later when I arrived in Australia's Cape York, with its endless plateaus, gorges, and sandstone escarpments which conceal the sacred and secular sites of times past. It is in this vast continent that the essence of Dreamtime still remains and my return continues. "

Steve Roach April 12, 1988, Los Angeles

"In the beginning, before mysterious beings came from the sky seeking to populate the Earth, Australia's Aborigines believed the Earth was a barren and featureless globe.

"The extraterrestials who came were the Aborigines' ancestral Beings. Before changing themselves into all species of plants and animals, these Beings created the geographical features through their movements and adventures upon the planet.

"This was "Dreamtime," an idyllic time when Australia was an Eden filled with gentle animals, plentiful food supplies, and sweet water. Here early man flourished and became the intellectual aristocrat of the prehistoric world. Governed by a logical foundation of laws laid down by supernatural ancestors, thousands of generations of Aborigines lived in perfect harmony with their surroundings and with each other.

"For approximately 100,000 years the Australian tribes were seldom in want. Their economic system afforded to them highly valued time which they devoted to art, music, dance, and myth, and to land management, conservation, and animal husbandry.

"The end of "Dreamtime" came 10- to 20,000 years ago when searing droughts ravaged the verdant jungles. Gone were the clouds which had washed the land with their cooling rains.

"Although exepelled from their Eden, the Aborigines kept the ancient laws given by their ancestors and adapted to the changing environment. When the animals starved in bad seasons, so did the Aborigines. Still, they continued to sing the song cycles and faithfully kept the rituals with their promies of renewed life. In secret and sacred places of power, the initiated ones painted pictures on the sandstone and pondered life after death in Willunda.

"Today the racial climate has vastly improved in Australia. Old wounds from the colonial and gold rush days have healed, yet deep scars remain. Unfortunately, mistrust and misunderstanding linger on.

"As the smoke settles, interest and appreciation of Aboriginal culture seem to be increasing. Even modern science is looking to Aboriginal mythology and rock art for clues to life in prehistoric Australia.

"The ancient magic the initiated knew in the bush may already be lost; yet a different magic, a universal subconscious longing for a "Dreamtime" return, is firmly planted in the mind and heart of modern man."

David Stahl
The night of Sept. 28, 1987, at the Red Lady Site
Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland

Disc One

Towards the Dream (7:08)
The Continent (4:49)
Songline (3:10)
Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost (7:00)
A Circular Ceremony (11:18)
The Other Side (13:14)
Magnificent Gallery (6:07)
Truth in Passing(8:41)
Australian Dawn -- The Quiet Earth Cries Inside (6:18)

Disc Two

Loooking For Safety (31:21)
Through a Strong Eye (6:50)
The Ancient Day (6:06)
Red Twilight With the Old Ones (9:48)
The Return (8:33)

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