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Welcome to our online store! Thanks for your direct support, which enables the continued growth of uncompromised music. Steve will autograph his CD's by request, at no extra charge (subject to availability). All items shown are in-stock, and ship directly from Steve's house in the Sonoran desert. We accept major credit cards, PayPal, personal checks, and more; see the Policies & Shipping page for details and shipping rates.
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Earth Island

feature  feature

CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $12.99 
Earth Island
Suspended Memories (Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz)
1994 Hearts of Space HS11043 (CD)
Reviewed by Cliff Tuel, Linda Kohanov, Muze, The Tracking Angle

The second chapter in the Suspended Memories story. Recorded between concert dates in Spain and Germany. This recording presents a more complex and layered sound due to the studio conditions the group found themselves in. A "Next World" sound is further explored. Prehispanic and Mexican shamanic influences merge with more urgent rhythms while the guitar and synths create the expansive fabric on which it all sits. Winner of the NAIRD Independent Release of the Year, 1993.
1. The Sky OpensMP34:16 
2. Earth IslandMP313:33 
3. CuranderaMP37:52 
4. Melting WorldMP38:10 
5. First Man (Watakame)RealAudioMP34:33 
6. Places InbetweenMP311:42 
7. First BlessingMP37:35 
8. El MitoteMP33:35 

Forgotten Gods

feature  feature

CD $12.99
Forgotten Gods
Suspended Memories (Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz)
1993 Hearts of Space HS11034 (CD)
Reviewed by AmbiEntrance,, Muze

The music rises up from the darkness and howls at the moon. An ancient voice chants in serpentine ecstacy, only to subside and hover next to silence. In those moments when the sound dissolves beyond recognition, the subconscious leaks through, whispering of faded visions painted on stone, of memories suspended by the passage of time, of gods long forgotten. This is the world where Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes and Suso Saiz create their music. There are no scores, no plans, in the initial stages of composition. Like jazz artists who extemporize freely through a shared musical language, the members of Suspended Memories connect on an intuitive level of pure sound. But it isn't jazz they're playing. Roach, Reyes, and Saiz practice a form of collective improvisation from another time, another place, maybe one that never really existed before, except in the shrouded landscapes of a shaman's dream.
1. Different DesertsMP312:20 
2. Snake SongMP36:44 
3. Night DevotionMP33:51 
4. SaguaroMP35:23 
5. Mutual TribesMP37:06 
6. Suspended Memories, Forgotten GodsMP36:01 
7. Ritual NoiseMP33:48 
8. Distant LookRealAudioMP37:39 
9. Shaman's DreamMP36:07 

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